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Seeking Female Roommate for the Confluence

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  • Seeking Female Roommate for the Confluence

    I am attending the Confluence alone and I don't have a lot of cash, so sharing one of those double-occupancy rooms at the college (I think it comes to $23/night per person) sounds ideal for me. Are any other ladies seeking a roommate? Open to other ideas and opportunities as well, this is just what seems the best from my current perspective. Let me know! Warmly, Mollie

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    I am interested in sharing!


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      Hey Mollie, I am also interested in sharing. Im a cool clean chick driving up there to Durango from the Mojave Desert


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        Hey there, I'm looking to split a room with someone as well. I'm pretty quiet, go to sleep early, and would be helping to table for most of the conference, so would really just be using the room to sleep. I'd be happy to answer any question!


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          Hi guys! I thought I set up email notifications for this but apparently not, so just seeing all this now. Hi! I actually found a roommate (outside of this forum) so maybe some of you can bunk together. It sounds like we all basically want the same things.


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            I'd also like to share a room! I just received a ticket from one of the presenters and it will be my first time at the conference. If anyone is interested, please email me at